Wednesday, April 28, 2010

school shooting

It has become quite obvious that todays headlines in the papers are reading like the back half of your bible.

Today a teenager walked into the highschool I graduated from and opened fire. Thankfully nobody was injured, hurt, or killed. According to sources the shooter fired into the ceiling. As I sit back and reflect upon the events of the day, I cannot help but wonder what this world is coming too.
Do you remember going to highschool? It was hard enough trying to be socially acceptable and do good in school. I know somebody reading this is nodding their head and in agreement. I know it was for me. Do you remember Columbine highschool, how about Va Tech for my younger readers? Do you remember watching coverage from just about every angle. Why this happened?, How could they do such a thing? were questions that were continually asked by the students, staff, and the media.
Now according to sources within the school, the shooter was a kid that was suspended and entered through a side door that wasn't secured. What is wrong with this picture? I remember walking those same halls and getting stopped for not having a hall pass and being sent to ISS for the day. I was suspended for fighting and their was security all over the place that day.
I'm quite sure that there were warning signs from this kid. Who from one mistake is now going to pay for it for a few years. Where was the security at? If I had a child that attended that school I would be in an outrage calling for just the entire staff to resign. According to sources within the school weapons checks are performed at random, yet this is a school with functioning metal detectors, and this still happens. What am I missing? Who isn't doing their job?
Again, I am thankful that nobody was hurt, and I can only imagine that there will be a few extra hugs, kisses and kids being told that they are loved tonight. Life is short, we don't know whats going to happen, so be sure to make each moment count.